This tour is included:

  • Swinging in UbudĀ  Heights
  • Tirtha Ampol Temple
  • Sacred monkey forest
  • Having lunch in a beautiful club near the waterfall


Tirtha Ampol Temple

In the heart of the green forests of Ubud to the beautiful and holy temple of Tirtha Ampol

We go to a place where Hindus first wash their bodies in holy water to remove impurities from their souls and bodies, then they wear white clothes and offer their gifts to the gods and pray for an hour.


Sacred monkey forest

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali, many travelers visit Ubud Monkey Forest to see hundreds of playful monkeys in a peaceful and green forest. This spot is very important for Balinese culture. There are three main temples in this forest, each dedicated to different gods.


Club and waterfall

The tranquillity of the waterfall and the pristine nature of a valley in Ubud in a beautiful club You will have a unique experience. We go to this club for lunch. Friends can enjoy the atmosphere of the complex and can also go to the waterfall and use the unique nature around the waterfall.

By reserving a bed or a table in this club, loved ones can benefit from its facilities and benefits, such as a swimming pool in the view of the waterfall, music and DJ, bar and restaurant at the rate of table charge, etc.

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