The program includes visits to:

  • Handra Gate
  • Olon Daun Temple
  • Lunch in the chocolate village
  • Tiered rice terraces
  • Temple of Tanah Laut


Terraces of rice terraces

Visiting green terraces Emerald rice on the mountainside Magnificent Batacore, Huay Desirable Mountain with eyes wonderful style of paddy fields the staircase is a suitable place for It soothes the mind.


Temple of Tanah Laut

To one of the most magnificent Views to see the sunset We go to the sun in Bali. A beautiful temple on top of the rocks with the tides of the sea It takes on a unique and One of the most special places It is considered for photography.


Olon Daun Temple

Visiting the most mesmerizing temple complex on the shores of Bratan Lake, the mountains that surround this place give this place a unique and dreamy quality.


Chocolate village

For lunch, we will go to the chocolate village where you can see the process of making chocolate from the farm to the chocolate bar and also enjoy the taste of various chocolates.

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