8 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

8 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

Nightlife in Bali emerges as the sun sets over the western coastline. The beaches of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian have some of the best nightlife spots on the island. Live bars host occasional gigs from international artists, while resort-owned bars transform into more dynamic places where you can enjoy live DJs and bands until late.

In other parts of the island, some top nightspots are known for being set in impressive beach locations besides offering winning menus – such are the beach clubs lining the Seminyak coast and the luxurious cliff bars dotting the Bukit peninsula. Getting around at night is relatively easy – taxi drivers know how to get to the island’s bars and clubs like the back of their hand.


The world-renowned clubbing scene in Bali mostly starts around midnight, with a great range of nightclubs and bars offering pumping bass, dance floors full of revellers and late closing which allows you to party till sunrise. The most popular night spots feature all the right combination of sights, sounds, signature tastes and surroundings.

2. Beach clubs

Bali beach clubs feature stunning locations overlooking the surf and Indian Ocean, some with Ibiza-inspired party vibes or simply a tropical Bali beach shack setup. Top beach clubs include Ku De Ta, Potato Head, Mozaic and Cocoon. They spice up the splendid sunny coastlines by day and host gorgeous sunset sessions followed by cool beats into the night.


3. Night markets

A truly insightful evening shopping and dining experience awaits you at Bali’s wealth of night markets, locally referred to as pasar malam or pasar senggol. The most popular markets are in Sanur, Kereneng, Gianyar and Badung, which mostly comprise traditional stalls selling local food, snacks and knick-knacks at seriously cheap prices.


4. Rooftop bars

The latest trend in Bali is chill-out rooftop bars that combine gorgeous settings, good vibes and innovative drinks. If the combination of an open starlit sky and a breezy setting with great cocktails sounds like your thing for a night out, check out the best options in Bali.


5. Traditional dance performances

Bali’s collection of theatre and live shows range from culturally insightful dance performances staged in ancient temples to modern theatrical shows that are intricately choreographed, including dramatic lighting effects and soundtracks. Contemporary shows blend storytelling with lively dance troupes in elaborately designed costumes and even aerial acrobatics.

From local folktales to ancient Hindu epics, watching some performance art in Bali is a great way to learn more about the unique culture of the island and its people.


6. Bars and pubs

Bali’s nightlife scene emerges as the sun sets over the western coastlines of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian, where the island’s main collection of bars and pubs comes to life.

If young, wild and free is your thing, head to Kuta, while heading further west you’ll find more sophisticated offerings in Seminyak. For swanky rooftop bars, head down to Uluwatu on the Bukit peninsula.


7. Live music venues

For a laidback evening vibe, break away from the usual deep bass, dubstep and dominant EDM trend. Instead, head to live music venues that feature stage performances with great local and international bands performing regularly.


8. Cabaret shows

For a touch of fun, glamour and extravaganza, cabaret shows are the way to go for some evening entertainment. Great venues that feature cabarets combining songs and music – with lip-syncing drag queens and sometimes stunning acrobats – can be found in nightlife hotspots like Seminyak.

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