Volcano mountain sky

Experience our most popular tour that takes you to the breath-taking crater of Mount Bator. One of the largest lakes in Bali, Lake Kintamani, is located next to a young active volcano in the same crater. We will explore this volcano by rotating in the crater and on the way back to the heliport, you will pass numerous rivers, rice fields in the villages of Abud on the river valleys and beautiful rice fields.


Flying over the Noosa Islands

Fly over the most iconic Nusa Penida Beach, Klinging Beach overlooking the T-Rex Head and secluded beaches with turquoise waters. Then we will travel back over the white sand beaches of Lembongan Island overlooking the yellow bridge of Nusa Chengan.


Flying over Tanah Laut temple

Experience the most attractive sights in this memorable tour. Fly over the famous coastline of Seminyak and Tanah Laut Temple and enjoy the white sand beaches in this area. As you pass the famous surfing beaches of Bali, you can see the huge waves driven by the strong winds of the Indian Ocean.


Flying over Serangan Island

We will fly in the sky of Seminyak and watch the beautiful beaches of this region and then we will go to Serangan Island and enjoy the beauty of this island.

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